Maui Laser Cutting’s client list and friends

DeVine Guitars and Ukuleles

DeVine Guitars and Ukulele creates some of the finest guitars and ukuleles in the world. There are many different aspects of guitar and ukulele building that can be done with a laser including Fretboard inlay, logos, template layout, tool making and many others.


Mana Jewelry

Mana Jewelry is Eco jewelry handcrafted with exotic wood off cuts & Bamboo.


Jake Ramey Spearguns

With carefully hand-picked teak and top-quality components, Ramey Custom Spearguns™ are built to last.  I am a strong believer in function over form but understand there needs to be a balance of both.  First and foremost Ramey Custom Spearguns™ are tools for killing fish but they could just as easily be hung on a wall or showcased in a gun collection!



Seek sanctuary at a hidden gem along the coast of a world-famous island destination. Andaz Maui at Wailea radiates luxury at every turn, inviting you to revel in a unique Hawaiian cultural experience.
We laser cut many of the hotel’s detailed appointments such as check presenters and beer taps, as well as many other custom items.


Nautilus Case Co.

Maui-based Nautilus Case Company is eco-friendly. Our unique
shell laminates are byproducts of the fishing and food industries. Harvested
from various marine animals, the shells would have been discarded. We
are committed to the quality of our products and choose only the finest of
these shells.